Mutt Mushman 125



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Mutt Mushman 125

The Mutt Mushman 125: Harvey Mushman has returned! If you’ve followed Mutt from the beginning, you’ll remember the original Mushman. Well, now it’s back – re-styled and with a completely new attitude.

The Mushman is a scrambler take on the classic Mutt twin-shock bike, kitted out with all new upgrades; starting at the front, there’s the classic 18″ wheel with deep tread knobbly tyres, topped off with a stainless fork brace and an all-new high-rise mudguard mounted on an a combined aluminium headlight and fender mount.

Refined, Rugged And
Ready For Adventure

Keeping the front end clean and uncluttered, the Mushman features a new bottom-mount LED headlight along with CNC fork-mounted indicator brackets, giving the pointy end a fresh new look.

But that’s not all, folks. Mutt is all about burly bikes, and the Mushman is no exception. The 15-litre tank and chunkier-than-ever tank pads make it stand out from the pack.

You’ll notice more new additions not found on any other Mutt bikes; not only does it come with matt black engine bars, but also has a beautifully crafted leather and steel tank rack. Both are currently exclusive to the Mushman and come as standard with no additional cost.
The Mushman is the perfect blend of classic and modern. The refined utility of the Mushman is one that not only captures attention, it demands it. Whether you’re cruising through the city streets or tearing up the countryside, the Mushman has your back.

Inside Prespective

Who better to give the ultimate insider perspective on the Mushman than Mutt co-founder Benny Thomas – Product Director and leader of development. With his unparalleled expertise and vision, no one is better suited to give you the low-down on this new release:
“The inspiration for the styling of the Mushman came from the idea of early scramblers. The simple practice of preparing a road bike for use off road by taking the bulky bits off, fitting knobbly tyres and high-rise mudguards to create a stripped-down bike that does exactly what it says on the box.”
While the Mushman was never intended to be a scrambler, it has the look and the feel of something Mr McQueen would ride between shoots if he was around in 2023.
It’s the ultimate hack-around bike. Lightweight, good looking and perfect for taking on the city or hitting the country lanes.
‘Nothing Fancy’ is the motto for all our Mutts, and I wanted to keep the Mushman simple and classy, but add some fresh new bits and pieces such as the engine bars, tank strap & rack, all-new adjustable CNC levers, and LED indicators and headlamp.”

The Titanium Grey models will hit the streets in early March, followed closely by the highly sought-after Limited-Edition Matt Green.

Additional information


Matt Green, Titanium Grey




License needed





Shepherds Bush

Tyre Size Front


Tyre Size Rear


Seat height

790 mm

Fuel Tank Capacity

Engine type

Single-cylinder 4 stroke


5 Speed Manual

Engine power


Engine size


Displacement CC

125 cc

Engine starter


Ulez compliant



2 year warranty and 1 year breakdown cover

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